About Invin

The story of our company began more than 14 years ago. We started as a unit of the major Brno-based civil engineering company Arch.Design, but then we spinned off and have been operating independently as INVIN for the last ten years. Our primary focus has always been on due diligence, project implementation, project management and site supervision. So what is our competitive edge? It is the diversity of our experts who can handle the current challenges and offer services across all construction segments such as industry, medical, retail, residential and transport. Our role is to ensure that the building was built by the schedule, within agreed budget and in high quality. We seek to optimise investment and operating costs in every project phase. Being experts in our industry, we specify what investors need and always defend their interest. Our service is truly comprehensive and professional and the satisfaction of our clients is evidence of this. Their loyalty and trust is something we highly appreciate. We will be happy to win also your trust.


Milestones in the development of INVIN

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