Site Supervision

It is required in building act No. 183/2006 Coll. that construction sites in projects funded from public resources must be supervised by a site supervisor. This act imposes this duty on the builder. Site supervisors are however widely used also in the private sector, because they are experts who defend investor’s interests, particularly in terms of quality, the budget and delivery by the deadline.

As site supervisors, we:

  • Hand over the construction site formally to the contractor.
  • Monitor construction progress and check whether the delivery corresponds with approved design, the building permit and statements of competent authorities, and whether is meets the requirements of the preservation authority and future user.
  • Organise regular site meetings, lead these meetings and write minutes.
  • Watch whether the price invoiced corresponds with applicable agreements and approved extra costs and reductions.
  • Check whether price calculations of extra work and reductions correspond with the contract for work and prepare opinions on these calculations for the investor.
  • Check contractor’s invoices for completeness, correctness and compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract, confirm test reports and lists of works supplied (and return the documents to the contractor for correction if any discrepancy is found).
  • Check and watch the quality of all civil works on a continuous basis, check certificates and materials that are going to be covered on the site.
  • Write entries in the site log as a formal acceptance of civil works that are going to be covered or become inaccessible.
  • Monitor the quality of civil works.
  • Check work progress for compliance with the time schedule and propose solutions for delays.
  • Check on a continuous basis whether inputs for the final acceptance are being well prepared.
  • Prepare the punch list, monitor whether defects have been repaired and formally confirm their repair.
  • Organise the final formal acceptance by the authority and/or trial operation permit.
  • Check whether the original state of the construction site has been restored.
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