FIDIC engineer

As provided in FIDIC, the role of the “Engineer” must be defined in the project. The Engineer represents the investor and checks the construction project and gives binding instructions to the contractor. The Engineer can however not change the contract for work. It is a third party which keeps a balance between contractor and investor.  The Engineer is traditionally involved if the work is delivered by a single contractor, the so-called general contractor.

The Engineer:

  • Follows the guidelines defined in FIDIC.
  • Represents the investor in construction processes governed by contractual provisions of FIDIC.
  • Controls the project in a neutral way for investor and contractor and keeps a balance between stakeholders.
  • Checks and approves works, payments, acceptances and work delivery.
  • Checks the work for compliance with the contract and time schedule.
  • Claim management.
  • All our staff are trained and certified by the Czech Chamber of Consultant Engineers (CACE).
  • INVIN is a member of the Czech Chamber of Consultant Engineers.
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