Construction Management

Construction management (CM) is a specific, advanced form of project management in the construction industry. It involves the splitting of construction works among several contractors. The CM team selects contractors, prepares contracts with them and controls building works where coordination between independent contractors is essential. If set correctly, this form of PM brings huge time and financial savings to the client.

As construction managers, we:

  • Collect all inputs, documents and information, analyse them, set the ideal project management system and split the project into corresponding packages.
  • Define the project master time schedule.
  • Coordinate and supervise project and design work – from the study until the tender design.
  • Organise tenders for sub-contractors and prepare contractual documentation.
  • Control construction activities – construction site handover to contractors and their subsequent coordination.
  • Organise and control construction activities and do reporting.
  • Prepare construction progress reports, identify potential issues and propose their solution.
  • Organise acceptances of work delivered by contractors.
  • Organise comprehensive testing.
  • Organise and assist with obtaining the occupancy permit.
  • Check whether all defects have been duly eliminated.
  • Collect all final documents, archive them and submit to investor.
  • Handle warranty claims.


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