Health and Safety Coordinator

Act No. 309/2006 Coll. and related regulations bring the need for a health and safety (HSE) coordinator on the site. The HSE coordinator must be appointed by the investor, not the general contractor. As the function suggests, the mission of the HSE coordinator is to coordinate all stakeholders on the site and eliminate potential risks.

  • The HSE coordinator supervises the health and safety on the site and eliminates the risk of potential accidents.
  • The HSE coordinator registers the construction project with the Regional Labour Inspectorate in accordance with act No. 309/2006 and its amendment 88/2016.
  • The HSE coordinator prepares the HSE plan and keeps it up-to-date.
  • The HSE coordinator organises HSE site meetings.
  • The HSE coordinator checks the site for HSE compliance on a regular basis.
  • The HSE coordinator reports each HSE breach by the contractor and proposes and calculates sanctions to which the investor is entitled based on the contract for work.
  • The HSE coordinator evaluates the project for compliance with HSE rules.
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